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In order to qualify as a resident of St. Anthony's Healthcare & Rehab Center, all applicants must have a responsible party capable of providing the information needed to admit a resident. A resident application and an admission packet will have to be completed prior to admission. It is also the responsibility of the responsible party to assist the resident in applying for medicaid coverage.

A Statement of Medical Status (SMS) form must be completed by the current physician. SMS form is only valid for 30 days. The SMS is required for all applicants prior to admission. To expedite the admission process, the physician may fax the completed SMS, with his/her signature, to St. Anthony's for review. Fax# (504) 733-1917.

In addition to the SMS form, the following tests must be performed and the results sent to us, in order to be in full compliance with the state:

1. Chest x-ray results (to be completed no more than two weeks prior to admission).
2. PPD Skin Test for Tuberculosis given by the Mantoux Method Intradermally.

Additional information needed from physician:
1. Physician order for admission into nursing facility.
2. PAS/RAS form
3. Recent history and physical
4. Recent Labs
5. Dates of any recent hospitalizations

Upon admission we request copies of living wills, power of attorney, and all insurance cards.

St. Anthony's Healthcare & Rehab accepts medicare, Medicaid, HMO's, Long Term Care Insurance, and private pay. Medicaid pending residents are accepted.

Our private pay rate for a semi-private room is as follows:
Daily Rate: $148.00

(Private Room rates available upon request.)

The daily rate for Medicaid approved residents is based on the resident's income. Medicare & Medicare HMO's provide coverage when skilled services are ordered by the resident's physician. Medicare does limit the days a resident may be covered for skilled nursing services.

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